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Lake Name River Basin Full Pool
Deficit Surface
(Acre Feet)
  1,129.0  MSL 1121.52  -7.48  17,000  Alamo Lake Interactive Map  
    2,568  254,138  Apache Lake Interactive Map  
  1,798.0  MSL   2,830  178,186  Bartlett Lake Interactive Map  
    950  57,852  Canyon Lake Interactive Map  
    36  Dawn Lake Interactive Map  
    46  Desert Harbor Lake Interactive Map  
    373  Garden Lakes Interactive Map  
 Colorado 445.0  MSL 448.79  3.79  19,300  648,000  Lake Havasu Interactive Map  
    2,800  131,427  Horseshoe Reservoir Interactive Map  
    Lyman Lake Interactive Map  
    640  6,400  Martinez Lake Interactive Map  
 Colorado 1,229.0  MSL 1062.05  -166.95  164,000  26,134,000  Lake Mead Interactive Map   Lake Mead Printed Map
 Colorado 647.0  MSL 642.89  -4.11  26,500  1,818,330  Lake Mohave Interactive Map  
  7,000.0  MSL   70  Mormon Lake Interactive Map  
  1,660.0  3165 1680.17  20.17  9,222  688,500  Lake Pleasant Interactive Map  
 Colorado 3,700.0  MSL 3586.09  -113.91  161,390  24,322,000  Lake Powell Interactive Map  
    116  800  Rainbow Lake Interactive Map  
    19,199  1,653,043  Lake Roosevelt Interactive Map  
    32  Roper Lake Interactive Map  
    Saguaro Lake Interactive Map  
    San Carlos Lake Interactive Map  
  7,800.0    15  Shush Be Tou Lake Interactive Map  
  7,900.0    18  Shush Be Zahze Lake Interactive Map  
    17,315  Theodore Roosevelt Lake Interactive Map  
    76  Val Vista Lakes Interactive Map  
    380  4,600  Watson Lake Interactive Map  
    Willow Lake Interactive Map  
  7,513.0  MSL   158  Willow Springs Lake Interactive Map  
* Full Pool - Highest normal summer pool level before flood stage
** MSL - Mean (average) feet above sea level

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